A life of abundance and wealth – Glasgow 28th March

Do you want to attract the wealth & abundance that you truly deserve? Are you holding yourself back from doing so? Money can be a taboo subject – and attracting wealth can seem like a mysterious art! Adopting a life coaching/ therapeutic approach to wealth creation allows you to explore your unconscious blocks & set a positive intention for wealth creation. If you’ve ever set your sights too low, have thought that ‘money is a dirty word’ or have imagined that you’re undeserving of wealth, this workshop will transform your life. People often come to therapy when they have a problem they want to fix but no matter what your starting point – whether you’re living off a credit card or simply believe there’s a more comfortable financial life out there for you – you deserve to improve your life.

Tickets are £55 plus booking fee and can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-life-of-wealth-abundance-tickets-88677816737

We’ll start off by looking at the big question – ‘Do I deserve to be wealthy?’. Your initial response may well be, ‘Of course I do!’. But for so many of my clients, there are deep underlying beliefs which confict with their desire for wealth. They may feel that they already have too much compared to other people, or that the state of the economy is so bad they can’t make money. Perhaps they’ve grown up in poverty and don’t want to ‘reach above their station’. Or perhaps they’ve grown up wealthy and have become guilty as a result. We’ll then go on to:

Trace your personal attitudes to wealth history

Identify your core beliefs which are holding you back from creating wealth

Release & let go unhelpful beliefs

Identify the wealth you desire & deserve (no holds barred!)

Utilise the law of attraction to create a ife of abundance

An inspiring discussion, group energy, guided meditations, affirmations & personal goal chart will open you up to a life of abundance & wealth. I work primarily with individual clients and therapists in private practice. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to create more wealth, someone who wants to take the plunge into self employment or someone who wants to fulfill their career potential, you’ll benefit from the lasting impact of this one day course!