A – Z of running a hypnotherapy business – Continuing Professional Development

My ‘C’ in my A – Z of running a hypnotherapy business is Continuing Professional Development, or CPD for short. When you are up and running as a hypnotherapist, it is likely that whatever professional body you are a member of – such as the GHR or NCH – will require you to maintain your hypnotherapy CPD. Most professional bodies require you to do a set amount of hypnosis CPD in addition to non-hypnotherapy CPD. The non-hypnotherapy CPD might include attending classes on book keeping or using social media to promote your business.

If you had a career before training as a hypnotherapist, you may well have been required to undertake CPD as part of your job duties. One of the bonuses of doing CPD at work is that – as well as increasing your skill base and getting you out of the office for the day – your CPD is paid for by the company! When you’re self employed, you need to cover all your hypnotherapy CPD courses costs yourself.

So, given that your time is precious and the you are covering your hypnotherapy training from your own pocket, how do you choose the right CPD course?

When you are a recent hypnotherapy practitioner, I would suggest choosing continuing professional development which is varied and which will increase your knowledge base in a range of different areas. It is likely that your Diploma in Hypnotherapy will have covered a wide range of topics but, given the general nature of a hypnotherapy diploma, they will only have been covered to some extent. Use your CPD to explore a range of topics that you feel it would be interesting to know more about. These topics could be anything from learning more about hypnosis for anxiety, to discovering more about hypnotherapy for menopause.

If you have recently graduated from a hypnotherapy diploma level course, you will probably have been taught by one or two course leaders. Whilst they will undoubtedly be experienced hypnotherapists and will be delivering a course which meets GHSC requirements, they will also have particular preferences in the ways they work and particular points of views on hypnosis related matters. Doing CPD with a different hypnotherapy school or trainer is a great way to hear about other hypnotherapists’ approaches. Whenever I have attended hypnotherapy training, or done online CPD, I have always learned something new – even if I already have a sound knowledge of the subject.

Hypnotherapy CPD is also a good way to increase your expertise in a particular area. Perhaps you have worked with a client who has sparked an interest or had an enquiry about an issue which you don’t feel qualified to deal with. Maybe you feel there is a demand for expertise in a particular area. Choose your hypnotherapy CPD so that you can make the first steps towards becoming  that expert, whether it’s as a kids’ hypnotherapist or someone who works with IBS. Becoming an expert in a particular field of hypnotherapy is a great way to work in a field which you love, and is a great way to attract clients from far further afield than your local vicinity.

Some hypnotherapy continuing professional development training courses provide the opportunity to become a ‘branded’ practitioner. Some hypnotherapy training providers offer registered or trademarked courses and, after completion, you can advertise yourself with the course ‘brand’. One example would be HypnoBirthing™ – once you’ve completed the course, you have all the course materials with the HypnoBirthing™ branding. Your branded course might include listing on a specific site and you may have the ongoing support of other practitioners. Some branded courses require you to pay an annual fee to continue being listed as a practitioner, the majority don’t. Advantages of buying a trademarked or branded hypnotherapy product is that it looks very professional on your website, you are ensured a certain level of training and you will usually have additional support. The branded course – such as my KidsMatters™ children’s hypnotherapy product – will often have a dedicated website which will be promoted. Essentially, people searching for a certain product will come across that website which is then linked to you.

Online or in person hypnosis CPD? Whilst you need a high degree of face to face teaching when you are doing your hypnotherapy diploma, once you are qualified many courses can be taught successfully online. Some online courses – including all of our online CPD courses – are supported by Skype or Zoom. These courses offer you a great opportunity to go over any areas which might have been unclear and to discuss your real-life clients with an experienced hypnotherapist. Online hypnotherapy CPD courses obviously have an advantage of being easier to fit in time wise, and – especially when you consider possible travel and accommodation costs – are usually much more cost effective than in person courses. In person courses are definitely more sociable! Getting out there and meeting people can be fun, and it’s a good way to make connections. Some people also find the in person learning format easier to respond to that online hypnotherapy training.

Whatever you choose to do, and however you choose to do it, hypnotherapy CPD is not only going to make you a more skilled practitioner – it’s also great fun (and sometimes addictive…!).