It’s very easy to find hypnotherapy courses out there – many of them far cheaper than the type of hypnotherapy training offered by the Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy, and perhaps with the bonus of online training. However, these courses are NOT accredited by the GHSC (who do not accredit any online courses, by the way). What does this mean, in reality? Firstly, all GHSC hypnotherapy training courses meet a very stringent quality control in terms of learning outcomes and student experience. You don’t have this guarantee otherwise. Secondly, this is a nationally recognised qualification – not one which is handed out by any old organisation. It will allow you to register with the GHR, one of the UK’s largest registering bodies and with the CNHC which is the gold standard for complementary and natural therapists, and which is recognised by the NHS. With the proper registration you can work at top therapy rooms and will qualify for the best insurance – without it, you’ll find yourself very restricted on graduating.