Like everyone else, we’re looking forward to the day when we can safely get back to face-to-face work, whether that’s teaching – delivering the GHSC accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy – or client work. With client work, certainly, there have been so many stops and starts over the last year that it’s prudent to have contingency plans in place, and it’s incredible how effective clients have found zoom work. When it comes to teaching hypnotherapy, I’ve adapted my courses so that they’re every bit as hands on as face-to-face teaching. I keep my groups small – up to a maximum of fifteen students – and everyone has the chance to communicate with me individually and to work in small break out rooms with each other. This is only online in name – you’re not going to be one of a huge number of students watching a screen! We meet weekly, focus intently on practice and everyone in the class participates. In fact, there’s an added bonus in that when you practice in the breakout rooms, you have peace to do so and it’s easier for me to get round everyone with my comments. I don’t hire tutors who are less experienced. Instead, you can be assured that I personally comment on everyone’s level of participation. I also offer a one-to-one meeting to discuss your business start up plans at no extra cost. I don’t want to start a hypnotherapy training course which might have to be curtailed as we continue to come out of this pandemic, so for me to deliver a quality course, it will go ahead by zoom this year. Added bonus – you won’t have to travel in the middle of winter!