Therapist Boot Camp!

Friday 13th to Sunday 15th January

Live Zoom

£550 or 4 x £150

Get over your imposter syndrome and create the therapy business you deserve.

Before training as a therapist, I had no idea just how hard it was to run a business. Funnily enough, it wasn't the practicalities that bothered me, it was the fact that putting myself out there without the support of an organisation and a team made me shake with fear! I got over myself, but it took years of toing and froing and, if I'd had the confidence then, I could have avoided years of scoring booraping a living, heartache and exhaustion. I've built up an incredible international client base but there were so many times I nearly gave up. I know how to go for a point of zero confidence to being one of the UK's most successful hypnotherapists and this bootcamp is my chance to share that knowledge with you. I've been a supervisor and mentor for many years now and know that so many potentially wonderful therapists never really get there, because of their own limiting beliefs and lack of confidence. If you're not having as much fun, or making as much money, as you'd have liked, this boot camp will allow you to create the business you want. Suitable for therapists for all modalities, places are strictly limited to allow for a depth of experience and personal contact with me.

During three days, you'll learn how to:

  • Get over your imposter syndrome

  • Stop feeling like an apology for a therapist

  • Create a strong vision for your business

  • Feel comfortable earning a decent living & set your fees accordingly

  • Ask for money without guilt or embarrassment 

  • Stop procrastinating and start working

  • Prune what isn't working in your business

  • Invest time, money & resources in yourself

  • Kickstart and reinvent your business

  • Stop being pulled in the wrong direction

  • Ditch the limiting beliefs

  • Market yourself like you mean it

  • Give yourself the compassionate kick up the bum you need!

If you want to pay in instalments of 4 x £150, please contact me.