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Peer Group Supervision

Receiving supervision is so important as a therapist, and will certainly be part of your responsibility as a registered practitioner with a professional hypnotherapy organisation (please check your organisation's requirements for supervision). Peer supervision is a great way to receive the support you need and discuss your clients within a confidential setting. Peer supervision is only open to fully qualified hypnotherapists who have undertaken a GHSC accredited course. 

Peer group supervision is available to any Diploma student of AIM for three months following registration with the GHR/ CNHC. 

  • Half-hour seminar relevant to business and client-therapist relationship 

  • Build up CPD hours through seminar attendance

  • Confidential, mediated supervision in small breakout rooms of 3-4 students

  • 30% discount on all CPD courses for peer group members. 

  • Access to exclusive offers.

  • Receive three new scripts per month to build into your own portfolio. 

Peer supervision will take place between 10.00 - 11.30 on the first Wednesday of every month. 

We will start off by having a seminar about issues including transference, time management, confidence when working with clients and marketing. Following that, you will be assigned to a small break out room where you can discuss client issues in a safe and confidential space which will be facilitated by Dr. Claire Jack.

This meets the GHR supervision requirements. If you belong to an alternative professional body, you are advised to confirm their supervision requirements. All levels of practitioner are welcome, including students who are working with case studies and fully qualified hypnotherapists. 

If you would like to join our peer supervision group, please contact us using the form provided. 

Peer Supervision: Welcome
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