Are you interested in learning more about hypnotherapy? Interested in pursuing it as a career, but not sure whether you are ready to commit to a full Diploma course? Want to learn a fun and interesting new skills, perhaps to add to your existing work as a counsellor or alternative therapist? Funding available – please contact for details.

This short, 2 day course:

Explores why hypnotherapy is a useful therapeutic technique

Teaches you how to hypnotise people using induction techniques

Teaches you how to end trance states – and ensure people emerge feeling rested & confident

Explores the application of hypnotherapy for stress management, weight loss & smoking

Provides you with the tools for self hypnosis

Scripts, forms and handouts are provided for you. This course will not enable you to register witht he GHR or equivalent bodies, but if you’d like to pursue hypnotherapy as a career following this short course, you will qualify for 20% off the Diploma course fees (equivalent to £300).

Course dates – 6th – 7th February 2015

Location – Yoga Tree, Stirling

Cost – £225