My 9 year old son doesn’t particularly like feet – possibly due to my habit of wandering around barefooted! When I stretched out next to him on the couch the other day – with my feet dangerously near him – he shouted at me to move them. Laughing, I asked him, ‘What happens when you’re grown up, if you’re in love with someone, and they put their feet on you – like I do with dad? Are you going to shout at them?’ He thought about it for a moment, then said, ‘Of course not. I’ll probably have changed by then. Just like I don’t like most vegetables just now – I probably will when I’m grown up. People can always change’. The fact that a 9 year old is so open to change – and, in fact, expects that fundamentally changing is a part of their development – is in such stark contrast to so many adults, who are fearful of change and attached to particular ways of doing things. Children’s hypnotherapy is such a rewarding area to work in as children are so open to the thought of moving forwards in a positive manner and happy to accept change as part of their growth. Launching in the New Year, from the AIH, is a CPD course for hypnotherapy professionals specialising in children’s hypnotherapy.

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