I recently trained a wonderful therapist who’s setting up an exciting practice and will be combining hypnotherapy with reiki and mindfulness. Her website is www.deborahcraig.com and here’s her review:
I found the material thorough and extensive and having the course information up front I was able to read and re-read the materials before, during and after the sessions to help me embed it even further. Claire made excellent suggestions for further reading which I found insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the course was structured allowing for overview of materials first followed by putting everything into practise. The one to one teaching was invaluable as I was able to pick Claire’s brain as often as I needed to until I managed to get things straight i my head.

Getting me prepared for going into business on my own was something Claire did in a very supportive way. She was encouraging throughout, helped me through the difficult days when I felt I was struggling and gave me confidence to keep going and trust in all of my decision making. I am now a fully qualified Hypnotherapist thanks to Claire with my own business which showed signs of success in its first weeks of inception.

Working so closely together, it is most definitely easier when you connect with your tutor however Claire’s warm, empathic, supportive and genuine personality made that very easy. She has extensive experience and knowledge which was invaluable during the learning experience.

I would not only recommend Claire’s teaching style/Academy but recommend Claire as as a teacher/hypnotherapist too. She maintains ongoing contact and support which helps me feel that I am not alone in this journey.