Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Coronavirus has been challenging! Given the difficulties with face-to-face teaching, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) have advised that all accredited courses are run via zoom.


Our next course will start June 2021 with a choice of registration dates and introductory weekends. It will run via zoom from start to finish.

  • This course is run in exactly the same way as our usual face-to-face course
  • Maximum 15 students
  • Personal support and an emphasis on hands on practice in breakout rooms 

There is a choice of two introductory weekends, during which we will cover modules 1 and 2. You’ll also receive an online business module, all of which allows you to conduct research in advance. If you can’t manage the June weekend, please let me know and you can attend the September weekend. The dates are:

Introductory weekend: June 26th and June 27th OR September 11th and 12

Following that, the course will run every Saturday (excluding holidays), via zoom until January 15th 2022.

Please contact us for details!

What would it really mean to you to retrain as a fully qualified hypnotherapist? Can you imagine, for a moment, undertaking a journey where you’ll not only learn how to help others but will deepen your understanding of yourself? Becoming a hypnotherapist is about so much more than learning techniques over a few days. During the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy you will learn how to become a confident, ethical practitioner and will receive completely personalised advice on how to establish your hypnotherapy business. The Academy of the Inner Mind (AIM) is an internationally recognised hypnotherapy training provider. Our Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy provides you with comprehensive, hands on training and is a fully externally accredited course with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy meets the Regulated Qualifications Framework across the UK at the following levels (which are required for CNHC registration) – Level 4 (England & Wales), Level 6 (Northern Ireland), Level 7 (Scotland). GHSC courses meet strict learning outcomes and allow you to register with the only government accredited body for complementary therapists – the CNHC and the General Hypnotherapy Register which is the UK’s largest professional hypnotherapy membership body.

We have courses in Ayr, Glasgow and individual, bespoke hypnotherapy diploma courses.The emphasis in our courses is on hands-on, ethical, client centred work – you will be in a group of no more than ten students.

Do you want to make hypnotherapy your career?

Academy of the Inner Mind - Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course Prospectus 2020 - 2021
Download the AIM prospectus 2020

Hypnotherapy is increasingly recognised by healthcare professionals and therapists including GPs, psychologists and counsellors as a therapeutic approach for the management of anxiety, chronic illness and behavioural issues and Dr. Claire Jack is currently involved in a project with the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow anaesthesiology department. One area of great demand is in Children’s hypnotherapy and the AIM offers a trademarked, internally recognised training course – KidsMatters – which AIM students can access at a reduced rate. Another huge area of growth is in IBS and our HypnoIBS course has responded to this demand. If you want to make hypnotherapy your full time career, you’ve come to the right place!

HypnotherapyWhat does the course cover?
The Diploma course is approximately 120 hours classroom study. You are also required to read in between sessions, practice with volunteers and case studies and complete examinations including an open book exam, business plan and real life case studies. The case studies are absolutely crucial in learning your skills and developing your confidence. The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy explores a range of approaches, including solution focused, psychodynamic and CBT approaches to hypnotherapy. This provides you with an integrated approach which means you can respond to the precise requirements of your clients without limiting yourself to a single mode of working. Learning hypnotherapy ‘skills’ is only a part of the Diploma. Just as important, and covered in detail on the course, is how to set up your business and start making a living as soon as you qualify. There’s also a chance to specialise in areas which are in considerable demand, including children’s hypnotherapy and IBS with our KidsMatters and HypnoIBS courses. Additional training is also available for conditions including anxiety, weight loss, depression and CBT. For a full prospectus, please use the contact form.

HypnotherapyWhat makes this course different?
As an accredited GHSC course provider, the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy meets all GHSC requirements. Over and above this, we place a huge emphasis on training students to be confident, ethical practitioners. Unlike many training providers, our group courses never exceed 10 students. This ensures that every single student can practice techniques and therapeutic skills such as listening and analysing and will receive the personal attention and support of Dr. Claire Jack, who has led research teams and taught at Scotland’s top universities as well as running a thriving hypnotherapy practice. It also ensures a safe, supportive student environment. Studying at the Academy of the Inner Mind means that you are choosing a course which is continually updated to reflect cutting edge advances in research and development within the field of hypnotherapy.



There are no hidden extras!

Triple logoYou will receive:

An extensive range of scripts, forms and client handouts for use with clients

Certificate in NLP-Hypnotherapy

Certificate in Mindfulness-Hypnotherapy

GHR recognised post-course supervision for 3 months

Hypnotherapy Business Administration Course & Qualification

Business start-up session (individual advice on your online presence and marketing strategy)

GHR recognised peer group supervision (during course and after you qualify)

Discount of 30% on all CPD courses, including KidsMatters and HypnoIBS.

Next course start date via Zoom:

7th April 2021

Our Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy contains all the information you need regarding course content, GHSC accreditation and course structure. Please download it here!

AIM prospectus 2020

Do you want to get more clients through your door and make this a full time business? Read our free guide by clicking the link below!

Payment Option Price

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Credit card payment options available – please ask!

Course fees can be paid in full or as a deposit of £300 and monthly instalments.



Diploma Deposit (payment instalments)

Credit card payment options available – please ask!