Are you passionate about hypnotherapy? Want to share your knowledge with others? Ready to take your career to a new level? Keen to establish a business which is financially, as well as creatively, rewarding? If so, my Hypnotherapy Trainer Programme could be just what you’re looking for.

I love knowing that I’ve trained another group of students to be caring, ethical practitioners. In order to give students the support I believe they need in order to thrive, I keep my teaching groups small enough so that I can personally connect with each student. I’d love to see more students benefit from the years of experience and care which has gone into my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and, if you’re in a place to take your business forwards and my approach rings true with your values, I’d be delighted to share my knowledge with you.

I’ve developed my six month coaching and training programme in order to take you through all the stages involved in setting up your training school – from submitting your initial application, to teaching you how to deliver the course, to providing you with a range of written and visual materials, to providing you with a business model and marketing strategy – so that you can start attracting students as soon as you have received your accreditation.


What’s included in this programme?

Application submission for GHSC accreditation (in conjunction with main applicant)

Weekly meetings to teach you how to deliver the course and develop your business strategy

Website, SEO and hosting for first year

All written course materials and visual materials (e.g: PowerPoint)

Development of online teaching portal

Listing on website as an associated hypnotherapy school

Full marketing strategy & business model

Secondary marking on all student assignments for first year up to fifteen students (second markers are required by GHSC)


Is this a franchise?

No, this isn’t a franchise. Just as I want my students to take their learning and practice in a way which reflects their values and experience, I want you to shape your business in the way you want to. I think it’s important that you create a business that you love and care about. I’ll be there to help and advise, but you need to put your mark on it. You can have access to all the course materials I use, and some elements of GHSC accredited courses are obligatory, but I want you to be able to change elements of the course to reflect your areas of interest and expertise.


Once I’ve completed the six months, are there any ongoing costs?

No. There are no yearly franchise fees or similar to pay. Your business is yours. After the first cohort of students, in which marking of assignments (up to a maximum of fifteen students) is included, if you wish to retain me as a second marker there will be an additional fee for that. There are absolutely no hidden, or ongoing, costs.


How much can I expect to earn?

The full fee for the Academy of the Inner Mind Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy is £2700. A modest intake of 10 students would equate to £27000. Your outlay is minimum, and will equate to room hire (when courses are running face-to-face), printing and advertising costs.


Want to learn more?

Because of the intensive nature of this coaching and training programme, I can only take on one committed client at any time. Please only contact me if you are completely committed and have £20,000 available to invest in your future. If you’re ready to find out more, please contact me using the contact form.


Before you go any further, ask yourself:

Am I a qualified hypnotherapist (registered with the GHR/ NCH or equivalent) with the knowledge to teach others?

Am I passionate about sharing my knowledge?

Do I want intensive support for six months so that I can quickly establish my new business?

Am I happy to put in the effort required to take my career forwards?

Am I an ethical practitioner whose values coincide with the Academy of the Inner Mind?

Do I have the financial resources required to establish my hypnotherapy training school?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, please get in touch!