I do a lot of continuing professional development training with recently qualified hypnotherapists and supervise a number of practitioners. One of the biggest issues they face is a lack of confidence. They’ve learned a range of techniques and have studied the theory in depth – maybe even sitting extensive exams – but they don’t know how to fit it all together. How do you ask a client for money without feeling embarrassed? What happens when you feel uncomfortable during a session but don’t know how to react? How do you avoid covering the same old ground with your client and ensure your sessions are fresh and relevant? You need to work with case studies during your hypnotherapy training course and make sure the emphasis is on hands on training. Otherwise you could end up with a great toolkit – but run into trouble when you use it with real life clients. Ask your training provider what practical experience you will gain during your hypnotherapy diploma and what support is offered after you graduate – as the early stages of establishing your hypnotherapy practice are the trickiest yo get just right.