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Meet your CPD needs for just £25 per year!

You'll have access to hundreds of scripts, along with explanations of how to adapt them to a variety of situations. You'll also learn how to use client protocols for everything from anxiety to smoking cessation and, each month, you'll receive access to lectures and podcasts with industry experts which cover themes from fertility to emotional abuse. If you want to earn accredited CPD points with fresh resources each month and have access to expert advice on our community forum, HypnoHub is the right choice for you.

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HypnoHub is a space for hypnotherapists to share knowledge and experiences, earn & log CPD points with our easy-to-understand system, learn through watching videos and demonstrations, and access client scrips & resources. This is so much more than a scripts site: this is a place to come together and learn. ​

  • Clearly marked CPD earning & logging system

  • Podcasts with industry experts

  • Video lectures & client demos

  • Exclusive mini-courses

  • Scripts & client resources

Access an exclusive Facebook Group where hypnotherapists can ask questions & share experiences - I'll pop in regularly to offer advice.

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Featured Scripts & Courses

Neuroscience of Hypnosis: The Default Mode Network 

How to Write Great Blogs 

Working with Childhood Emotional Abuse

How to Make Great Recordings


Client's Drama Triangle



Weight loss

Rewind Technique

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All scripts, courses & resources developed by Dr. Claire Jack. This isn't your usual scripts site! HypnoHub can help you take your practice to the next level with expert advice and support on our community hub.

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