I went to Claire’s weekend course for Hypnotherapy before taking on the diploma course. At the weekend course I was given a great insight into what the diploma course had to offer.
Claire and I arranged to work through each module one at a time. The pace we worked at was very helpful for me, as I was given the opportunity to learn and practice with Claire then time to study each module before beginning the next.
I found the structure of the course and how Claire presented everything great. I was interested to learn more and more each day.
Doing a bespoke course was perfect for me as it meant I could ask questions whenever I needed to and did not feel held back by other learners in any way.
I was able to develop a good relationship with Dr Jack which meant we could be open and honest.
I would highly recommend this way of learning the Hypnotherapy Diploma course with Dr Claire Jack.

Sharon Tait, Stait of Mind. www.staitofmind.com