IBS Hypnotherapy CPD training course

New course just released! Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is one of the few conditions for which hypnotherapy is recognised and promoted as an intervention by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).. With our new training course you can become a registered HypnoIBS™ practitioner. This is a trademarked course which means that no-one else is allowed to call themselves a HypnoIBS™ practitioner. In addition to a comprehensive overview of the condition, you will receive scripts, client resources AND 3 recordings which you can integrate into your work with clients. The course fee is £199 and includes a Skype tutorial and 3 months post course supervision. Please use the contact form to request a prospectus. You will be able to use the HypnoIBS™  logo on your website and marketing materials, displaying your level of expertise and professionalism to people who are – increasingly – looking for hypnotherapy to help with their IBS.

IBS – or irritable bowel syndrome, to give it its full title –is a condition which affects the gut and causes a range of symptoms including discomfort, bloating, constipation and/ or diarrhoea and an incomplete feeling of emptying the bowels after going to the toilet. IBS can have a significant impact on people’s lives and our clients have described how they have to organize their social and work lives around their condition, for instance, avoiding activities which might mean they lack ready access to toilet facilities. The sense of bloating can feel very extreme and can mean that certain clothes feel too tight to wear. IBS can affect someone’s self esteem and, because stress tends to exacerbate the condition, stressful situations can feel even worse than they otherwise would have.

IBS is a disorder which is closely associated with thoughts and emotions.  Hypnotherapy has a proven track record as an effective treatment. Hypnotherapy is recommended by the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE) as a treatment option for IBS. This, and the lack of effective treatment options currently available, has created a strong demand for hypnotherapists who specialize in working with IBS.

Our training course covers every aspect of working with IBS. We’ve prepared everything for you – including three high quality recordings which can be provided to clients as part of your work with them and which will greatly enhance your treatment programme. We advise you on how and when to use the scripts provided with your clients and how to do everything from your initial intake to pointing clients in the direction of useful support. If you’d like further information on our Hypnotherapy for IBS course please contact me.