Inner child therapy workshop Glasgow 9th May

The ‘inner child’ concept was developed by psychiatrist Eric Berne who noticed that, far from being a theoretical concept, his clients sometimes acted as if they were a child. Clients who have experienced difficulty and trauma in childhood carry their injured and hurt child into adulthood. It is this hurt child who responds to certain situations in a range of childish ways, including acting out, feeling powerless and acting impulsively. Many clients describe feelings of being out of control and acting in conflicting ways. Therapeutically, people can benefit from becoming aware of their inner child. Healing work can then take place to soothe and listen to the inner child and strategies to help your client remain in their adult state when needed can be put in place. Inner child work is difficult and this workshop requires deep inward looking work on the part of participants.

Please click this link for tickets (£75 plus booking fee)

During the workshop you will:

Experience guided meditations to connect and explore your inner child

Write a letter from the perspective of your inner child

Write a letter to your inner child

Receive a protocol for use with your clients

Receive scripts/ guided meditations for use with clients

Receive an ‘Inner Child Therapy’ certificate

This course is designed for counsellors and hypnotherapists