Can I hypnotise someone?

Can I hypnotise someone?

"Can I hypnotise someone?!" is one of the most common worries my hypnotherapy students have. It doesn't matter whether they're completely new to the hypnotherapy business, or have been working as psychologists or counsellors for a number of years, there's still this really worry about whether they are going to be able to work their magic. My starting point's not magic! Hypnosis is a completely natural state, and one which clients access on a daily basis when they're daydreaming, absorbed in a book or movie or just before they fall asleep. As… continue reading →

New CNHC hypnotherapy training course requirements

It’s perfectly possible to set yourself up as a hypnotherapist after doing a very basic weekend course, or training online. In fact, you can skip the training altogether and call yourself a hypnotherapist just because you fancy doing so. It’s not illegal to do so. However, it is short-sighted and could leave you very exposed to doing harm, rather than good. All professions have regulatory bodies, and they exist for a reason. When it comes to training, if you undertake a course which is recognised by a respected regulatory body, you are ensured… continue reading →

9 things to look for in a hypnotherapy training course

Undertaking a hypnotherapy training course requires a considerable investment, in terms of financial, time and emotional investment. You need to ensure that you’re making the right choice for you, and are doing a course which trains you to be an ethical, confident practitioner, who can register with one of the UK’s leading professional hypnotherapy bodies. There are absolutely loads of hypnotherapy training courses out there, and the range – in terms of quality and subjects covered – is immense. It’s easy to get very lost when you first start researching hypnotherapy training courses.… continue reading →

Responding to changing technology as a hypnotherapist

I've been a practicing hypnotherapist for over ten years, and in that time the changes in technology have been huge - and practitioners need to respond to these changes. As a small business owner you need to know how to promote your service - and you need to keep up with changing trends. In the Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy training course, we cover in detail how to promote yourself and attract the clients you want. Don't worry if this is all new to you - it's the same for everyone when they start… continue reading →

Superhero powers – child hypnosis

One of the most important things my younger clients learn is that they have a superhero within them. That - no matter what messages they receive from kids at school, critical teachers or parents, or society in general - they can access their inner strength whenever they need to. This works brilliantly for kids who have been disempowered, and who have been labelled as 'shy' (which is often used negatively by adults). No matter how 'shy' a child is, they can secretly dig deep - and a kid who isn't outwardly confident often… continue reading →

Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy combined with specialist child hypnosis

New students on our Diploma level course will be eligible for a discounted rate on our children’s hypnotnerapy training course - either at our Birmingham or Glasgow venues or our online version. Children’s Hypnotherapy is greatly in demand - and most practitioners lack the skills to meet that demand. Being a registered KidsMatters therapist will help you quickly establish your Hypnotherapy business. continue reading →

Children’s Hypnotherapy training course

Whether  you’re a qualified hypnotherapist or a counsellor who wishes to expand their skill base, we are now offering a comprehensive course in child hypnosis. Please see the Events page for details. This course is selling out quickly and places are limited! Please get in touch for details. Previous students of any AIH CPD or Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy course will receive 15% off the course price. continue reading →

Hypnotic language and discourse analysis

I used ‘discourse analysis’ during my Ph.D. to explore what was going on underneath the words people were speaking. This opened up a whole new world for me, and by exploring the subtext I learned what people really meant. During the Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy training course we explore how to communicate effectively with clients, using a hypnotic subtext. And we learn to listen beyond the words to hear what our clients are really trying to say. continue reading →

Choose the right hypnotherapy course – some advice

At this time of year, people start thinking about a career change. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful career - but if you need to make a living from it, ensure that: You undertake a course which allows you to register with a recognised body such as the GHR or NCH You learn from a 'real life' person - you can't learn hypnotherapy online! You undertake a course which covers a range of approaches - solution focused work and positive suggestion are great, but if that's all you cover on your course you're going to… continue reading →