GHR recognised suoervision

If you require Hypnotherapy practitioner supervision please get in touch. Suoervision is available via Skype at £35 per hour. Supervisees qualify for 15% off CPD Hypnotherapy training courses continue reading →

Free Children’s Hypnotherapy training course

For a VERY limited time, students enrolling on the Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy course will qualify for free training in children’s Hypnotherapy. This is a new course I’m offering which will be marketed at about £575 early next year. I’m looking for feedback from five new practitioners - hence the free offer. continue reading →

Children’s openness to change

My 9 year old son doesn’t particularly like feet – possibly due to my habit of wandering around barefooted! When I stretched out next to him on the couch the other day – with my feet dangerously near him – he shouted at me to move them. Laughing, I asked him, ‘What happens when you’re grown up, if you’re in love with someone, and they put their feet on you – like I do with dad? Are you going to shout at them?’ He thought about it for a moment, then said, ‘Of… continue reading →

Trauma, dissociation and hypnotherapy

The state of ‘hypnosis’ is often described as being ‘dissociated’ – with the conscious mind as being ‘split off’ from the unconscious mind. During the Hypnotherapy Diploma course, we cover various techniques to create this dissociation – including giving the conscious mind something to occupy it, talking about the unconscious mind (and hence implying that there is a split between the conscious and unconscious minds) and talking directly to the part you are trying to reach. Many people experiencing trauma dissociate naturally – it is a defence mechanism where fight or flight is… continue reading →

How to be a confident hypnotherapist

I do a lot of continuing professional development training with recently qualified hypnotherapists and supervise a number of practitioners. One of the biggest issues they face is a lack of confidence. They’ve learned a range of techniques and have studied the theory in depth - maybe even sitting extensive exams - but they don’t know how to fit it all together. How do you ask a client for money without feeling embarrassed? What happens when you feel uncomfortable during a session but don’t know how to react? How do you avoid covering the… continue reading →

Detailed and flexible…

is how Stephen Towill describes the Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy. Here’s his full review: I would highly recommend Dr Claire Jack’s Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy course. I found the course very detailed and having the flexibility to schedule the dates of the course, rather than having them on a fixed classroom style arrangement really suited me. continue reading →

New Hypnotherapy training course – specialising in children’s hypnotherapy

I'm so excited to announce the forthcoming NEW hypnotherapy training course which covers all aspects of working with children. It'll be a very comprehensive course, delivered online, and covering everything from the ethical and legal considerations of working with children to how to conduct child-friendly inductions. Many hypnotherapy training courses don't cover working with children. There is a growing demand though, so this course will allow you to get in there as a qualified practitioner delivering a trademarked course. Watch this space - I'm just finalising the course so it's 100% user friendly! continue reading →

Limited spaces available on Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherpy course in Prestwick

2018 has been the Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy's busiest year yet! I'm about to welcome a new student who will be travelling three hours each way and staying overnight in Prestwick whilst she does the Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy, and I have a few students who are at the exciting stage of completing their case studies! As usual, I keep learning from their experiences. I currently have limited spaces available for the Diploma course, which will run in Prestwick, so please get in touch if you'd like more information. continue reading →

Online/ blended learning Certificate in Hypnotherapy

We have developed an absolutely unique Online Certificate in Hypnotherapy which takes a blended learning approach to ensure experiential learning  This course includes 3 Skype (or in person) tutorials and we'll also pay for you to visit a professional hypnotherapist - which is a great learning experience (as well as being an opportunity to deal with any habit, phobia or behavioural issue that you might want to address!). You're encouraged to hand in assignments which are marked by Dr. Claire Jack and you'll have a range of scripts and forms for later use.… continue reading →

How quickly can I get hypnotherapy clients?

This is a question which I'm often asked. It's a hard one to answer, but my personal story is that I worked part time for a couple of years before starting up as a full time hypnotherapist once I'd reached a point where I realised I could earn more as a therapist than in trying to combine it with  part time work.  This is typical for many people considering a career change and it's certainly useful to have an existing income stream whilst setting up a new business. Initially you'll have a few… continue reading →