Accredited hypnotherapy training – why is it important?

It's very easy to find hypnotherapy courses out there - many of them far cheaper than the type of hypnotherapy training offered by the Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy, and perhaps with the bonus of online training. However, these courses are NOT accredited by the GHSC (who do not accredit any online courses, by the way). What does this mean, in reality? Firstly, all GHSC hypnotherapy training courses meet a very stringent quality control in terms of learning outcomes and student experience. You don't have this guarantee otherwise. Secondly, this is a nationally recognised… continue reading →

Bespoke hypnotherapy courses – tailored hypnotherapy diplomas

Many students who undertake my bespoke hypnotherapy courses have experience in particular areas - such as counselling or psychology - and wish to do a course which is tailored to their needs. Some students have done previous hypnotherapy training but cannot get full accreditation, in which case we work through what is required in terms of a fully accredited hypnotherapy training course. Working one to one is a great way to focus on what you need from a course. If you're interested in doing a bespoke hypnotherapy training course, which is also fully… continue reading →

Bespoke Hypnotherapy training course

Really looking forward to starting a new individual, bespoke Hypnotherapy Diploma on Friday. Student has loads of experience but has done a number of short courses so we are going to focus on practical learning and consolidating her learning so she can work towards accreditation. continue reading →

State of mind! The Hypnotherapy Diploma course covers whether a “trance” state is really important

There's so much to learn during the Diploma in Hypnotherapy. But one of the most difficult questions to answer is whether or not a "trance" state is important at a therapeutic level. On the one hand, your may work with a client who does not display any signs of having been 'hypnotised' but who makes great therapeutic progress. At the other end of the scale, you may have a client who reports several trance like symptoms, but who fails to achieve any therapeutic goals. So how important is the state of hypnosis? I… continue reading →

Hypnotherapy Diploma Course – what one student who now has a successful practice thought of the course

I went to Claire’s weekend course for Hypnotherapy before taking on the diploma course. At the weekend course I was given a great insight into what the diploma course had to offer. Claire and I arranged to work through each module one at a time. The pace we worked at was very helpful for me, as I was given the opportunity to learn and practice with Claire then time to study each module before beginning the next. I found the structure of the course and how Claire presented everything great. I was interested… continue reading →

Certificate in Hypnotherapy course – 30th July 2017 – Prestwick

Another date for our very popular Certificate in Hypnotherapy course, 20th July 2017. This time in Prestwick at Wand'rin' Star, 122 Main St, Prestwick. Learn skills including inducing, depending and terminating a hypnotic trance. Experience hypnotherapy yourself for confidence building and overcoming obstacles. Learn self hypnosis which is an invaluable life skill. You'll also be awarded a Certificate in Hypnotherapy upon successful completion of the course and qualify for a discount of £200 off our Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy if you choose to continue your learning and become a fully qualified practitioner. continue reading →

Hypnotherapy course – is it a good financial investment?

One good way to calculate whether your hypnotherapy diploma will provide you with financial returns is to calculate how many clients it will take to recoup the hypnotheraoy course fees. Our diploma fees are £1500. You will easily be able to charge £55 per session as a fully registered therapist (and more, in some areas). If we divide course fees (1500) by cost per session (55) we get 27. Meaning, you'd need approximately 27 sessions to cover your costs. Many clients will need five or six clients, whilst some will only need one… continue reading →