Why it’s a great idea to do an individual Diploma in Hypnotherapy

In addition to offering group training courses, I also offer the Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy to students on an individual basis. Whilst it can be great fun to train as part of a group, you also find that there's a lot of wasted time - having to go over stuff which you already have considerable experience of, waiting for everyone in the group to carry out practical exercises and accommodating the needs of others who learn in completely different ways to you. Learning individually means that you can be fully focussed. If you… continue reading →

Online hypnotherapy course with Skype support

If you've ever done an online course you may be concerned about the fact that you do t have any contact with the course provider and that the whole process seems impersonal at best. Our online courses are supported by Skype tutorials, one to one, at your convenience. Youe also welcome to enquire about the courses by phone before purchasing - online shouldn't mean lack of human contact! continue reading →

Accredited hypnotherapy training – why is it important?

It's very easy to find hypnotherapy courses out there - many of them far cheaper than the type of hypnotherapy training offered by the Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy, and perhaps with the bonus of online training. However, these courses are NOT accredited by the GHSC (who do not accredit any online courses, by the way). What does this mean, in reality? Firstly, all GHSC hypnotherapy training courses meet a very stringent quality control in terms of learning outcomes and student experience. You don't have this guarantee otherwise. Secondly, this is a nationally recognised… continue reading →