Diploma in Hypnotherapy – what next? NLP qualification & choice of online CPD course included.

Upon completion of your Diploma in Hypnotherapy, and registration with the GHR, you will qualify for 3 months supervision. Once you're practicing, you need to keep you Continuing Professional Development up to date. To get you off to a great start, we offer a NLP Practitioner Certificate as part of the Hypnotherapy Diploma course and a choice of online courses, from chronic pain management to depression (with many more subjects coming soon).  These usually cost £90 and will help your further your learning and meet CPD requirements. continue reading →

Hypnotherapy Diploma – why Clinical Psychologist, Head of Clinical Psychology & Counselling, Gibraltar Health Authority, chose this course

Each of our students have their own needs, and bring their own experience to our courses. Here's what Dr. Alyson Jack, Clinical Psychologist, had to say: I trained in Analytical Hypnotherapy with Claire over two weeks last summer. Claire was flexible in her approach to teaching and amended the course content to suit my particular need which was to learn hypnotherapeutic techniques to augment my practice as a Clinical Psychologist working in the Gibraltar Health Authority. The... written study material that Claire provided was well organised and I have appreciated that as I… continue reading →

Certificate in Hypnotherapy course – Glasgow – August 20th 2017

A chance to experience this intensive, hands on, one day course.  At the end of the course you will have mastered the basics of hypnotherapy, including learning how to induce, deepen and terminate hypnotic trance states. You will learn self hypnosis and how to use it for personal self growth and development. And you will have the opportunity to be hypnotised yourself to help you overcome obstacles which have been holding you back and to increase your confidence. You'll also be awarded with a Certificate in Hypnotherapy upon successful completion of this course… continue reading →

Accredited Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy – Glasgow – starts 3/9/17

Our acclaimed and fully accredited Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy will start in Glasgow on 3/9/17. It will run every Saturday for a total of 16 weeks. This course is fully accredited by the GHSC and, upon completion, you will be a fully qualified practitioner, able to register with the GHR or CNHC and to qualify for insurance through leading providers. Please call or email for a prospectus. continue reading →

Certificate in Hypnotherapy – Stirling – 12th August

New dates announced for our ever popular Certificate in Hypnotherapy in Stirling. This course provides a great and intensive introduction to Hypnotherapy and will allow you to see whether the longer diploma course is right for you. You will learn to induce, deepen and terminate hypnotic trance. Learn self hypnosis for personal development and growth. And 'be hypnotised' to help you overcome personal barriers and increase your confidence. What's more, if you then decide to do the Diploma course, you will qualify for £200 off course fees. The cost of the Certificate in… continue reading →

Hypnotherapy Diploma in Montrose

New training course starts in Montrose, Tuesday 12th April, and runs for 16 weeks. Fully accredited Diploma course. In association with The Health Pod, Montrose. Please contact me for details. continue reading →

Edinburgh – Certificate in Hypnotherapy course

Due to demand, we have announced a further two day Certificate in Hypnotherapy course in Edinburgh. Perhaps you want to learn more about hypnotherapy for your personal use, to manage stress or pain - or simply to enhance your life. Maybe you are a therapist working in a different area who would like to add hypnotherapy to their portfolio. Or perhaps you are considering a change in career, but are not sure whether undertaking a Diploma level course is right for you. This two day Certificate in Hypnotherapy allows you to experience in… continue reading →

Certificate in Hypnotherapy course – Stirling

Are you interested in learning more about hypnotherapy? Interested in pursuing it as a career, but not sure whether you are ready to commit to a full Diploma course? Want to learn a fun and interesting new skills, perhaps to add to your existing work as a counsellor or alternative therapist? Funding available - please contact for details. This short, 2 day course: Explores why hypnotherapy is a useful therapeutic technique Teaches you how to hypnotise people using induction techniques Teaches you how to end trance states - and ensure people emerge feeling… continue reading →

Review of anxiety Masterclass online course

Zoe Flint www.zoeflint.com, life coach and hypnotherapist had this to say about her experience of undertaking the online anxiety Masterclass course recently - thanks, Zoe. “I chose Integrated Hypnotherapy’s anxiety master class as I felt the content was thorough and the price very reasonable. When I received the workbook and scripts I was exceptionally impressed with both the quality of information and Claire’s ability to communicate complex material clearly. On top of this the scripts are superbly written; full of imagery and metaphor, and the course allows you to adapt the range of… continue reading →