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Hypnotherapy CPD Live Training HypnoMenopause® Practitioner Event

Updated: Apr 18

Sunday 19th May 2024

Our HypnoMenopause® Practitioner training continues to gain in popularity as women throughout the world benefit from this supportive, holistic and effective hypnotherapeutic approach. This is the only course which allows you to use the exclusively trademarked HypnoMenopause® title.


Join us for our Hypnotherapy CPD Live Training HypnoMenopause® Practitioner Event on Sunday 19th May 2024. This CPD event is suitable for qualified hypnotherapists and students. Previous graduates also include nutritionists, psychologists, counsellors, coaches and occupational therapists. If you’re not a qualified hypnotherapist, please get in touch for details of a discounted, certificate level, online, self-paced course which you can access in advance of your HypnoMenopause® training.


HypnoMenopause during permimenopause
Hypnotherapy for menopause

There’s a reason why awareness around HypnoMenopause® keeps growing, and that is because women recognise that this transitional phase is full of opportunity. Over the last few years, menopause is being discussed in a way that has moved from shame and secrecy towards potential and empowerment. Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help reduce hot flushes and night sweats by up to as much as 70%, which makes it almost as effective as HRT for the management of vasomotor symptoms. More than this, though, hypnotherapy  helps with sleep, stress and general wellbeing.


And it’s not all about the “symptoms”. Whilst some women cannot take HRT for medical reasons, or choose not to, others may be on HRT whilst seeking out HypnoMenopause® sessions. Whilst medical hormone replacement can help alleviate physical symptoms of menopause and provides a lifeline for many women, HypnoMenopause® focuses on menopause as a time of transition, self-awareness and personal growth.


Some of the hormonal changes taking place at this point in life encourage women to become more aware of their own needs, often for the first time(1). It’s also often a time when women reflect back on their lives and acknowledge the changes they want to incorporate as they move forwards. Menopause, for many women, is a bit of a wake-up call and hypnotherapy can play a significant role in helping them define what they want from life and how they can create the changes they deserve.


On this one day, live training workshop, we will cover why women might seek out hypnotherapy during menopause and the types of issues you might work on with your clients. We’ll explore how you can develop a multi-modality hypnotherapeutic approach to working with your clients including CBT-hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness and solution-focused hypnotherapy. This truly holistic approach draws upon a range of approaches and can be tailored to the needs of each individual client.


We’ll explore how to successfully help women manage symptoms including the vasomotor symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats, mood swings, fatigue and sexual issues. We’ll also explore the types of metaphors that surround menopause and how to help women reframe this point in their lives as a positive phase.


In addition to your live training, you’ll be provided with extensive online materials, including logo and branding materials for your website, scripts, course manual, client resources and everything you need to quickly establish yourself as a HypnoMenopause® Practitioner. Once you have completed your training, you will be able to use the title HypnoMenopause® Pracititoner, which is exclusively available to students who have undertaken this training. You will also be listed on the Academy of the Inner Mind’s HypnoMenopause® Practitioner search page, so that prospective clients can find you when looking for hypnotherapy support during menopause.


The workshop qualifies for 15 hours CPD, including attendance at the live workshop and working through the course materials provided on the online portal.

Included in your course:

·      Attendance at live training event

·      Access to online portal including client demonstrations, PowerPoints, scripts and course manual

·      Client resources (including intake forms and information leaflets)

·      Logo and other marketing and branding materials

·      Certificate of completion

·      Listing on practitioner website

·      Permission to use the term “HypnoMenopause® Practitioner”

Discount available for GHR and NCH members. Usual price £299, £199 with discount applied. To book your place click here.

  1. Northrup, C. (2001) The Wisdom of Menopause: the complete guide to physical and emotional health during the change. Platikus

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