Train the Trainer Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

For the first time, I’m offering a ‘Train the Trainer’ course which would allow people to run my Hypnotherapy Diploma Course. Before you read on, I can only offer this opportunity to hypnotherapists who are qualified at Diploma level who have been practicing for two years or more and who are registered with a recognised body such as the GHR, NCH or CNHC. I can also only offer this opportunity to training providers who will be located north of Perth, Scotland or who are located in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

In order to run a General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) accredited Diploma level course, training providers are required to meet strictly defined learning outcomes and go through a lengthy process of submitting a detailed table of contents to the GHSC. If you graduated before March 2019, the course guidelines have been altered to include new learning outcomes (for CNHC eligible registration). You are then required to deliver a course which meets stringent GHSC requirements.

I have been delivering GHSC accredited Diploma level courses now for 7 years and have adapted my course considerably during that period. I’ve dealt with every student question you can imagine and have developed course materials which make learning fun and relevant. Following my Ph.D. in anthropology, I worked as a post-doctoral project manager and lecturer at the University of St Andrews and I bring this level of professionalism and knowledge to my course materials.

My ‘Train the Trainer’ course will provide you with:

  • Assistance in applying for registration through the GHSC. I will prepare your table of contents based on current requirements and will help you fill in required forms.
  • Provision of all teaching materials including course theory and application, scripts, forms and resources, reading lists, assignments.
  • Listing as an affiliate training provider on my website and social media.
  • Two days individual training through Skype/Zoom or in person.
  • Advice on website content.
  • 3 business related blogs to help you get further up the search engine rankings.
  • Business support for one year post training through monthly Skype/Zoom sessions.
  • I will also act as an additional examination marker (which is required for CNHC compatible courses) for an additional fee of £150 per student.


The average student fee for a Diploma level course is between £2000 and £2500. There is a strong and growing demand for hypnotherapy training. The fee for my ‘Train the Trainer’ course is £5000. If you secure 3 students for your first training course you’ve covered your ‘Train the Trainer’ course fee.


This is NOT a franchise opportunity. I’ll be there to offer advice and support but I don’t want to tell you how to run your business. Providing training is a hugely rewarding and creative process and I want you to enjoy working out how you bring your personal knowledge and personality to the process! If you’d like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me by using the contact form or call 07876 809776.