In addition to offering group training courses, I also offer the Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy to students on an individual basis. Whilst it can be great fun to train as part of a group, you also find that there’s a lot of wasted time – having to go over stuff which you already have considerable experience of, waiting for everyone in the group to carry out practical exercises and accommodating the needs of others who learn in completely different ways to you. Learning individually means that you can be fully focussed. If you already have experience as a psychologist or counsellor, we tailor certain modules to reflect that experience. If you want to use the qualification in an existing professional setting, rather than setting up a new business to cater for private clients, we can quickly work through the modules looking at marketing and business management. If there’s something you find particularly difficult to grasp, we can spend more time on it. The individual courses are every bit as ‘hands on’ as the group courses – you will be practicing with me, conducting case studies and may be working with volunteers on the course. The bespoke courses can be conducted over a time frame to suit you needs as well – I had one student who travelled from Gibraltar specifically to do this course, and completed it in two weeks. Another student did not have time to commit to a weekly structure, and took over a year to do the course. One student had a long journey to Prestwick and found it was easier to stay over a couple of days a week, every two weeks. The beauty of learning in this way is it’s flexibility. I’m based in Prestwick and can either run courses from there or may be able to travel to your home. The cost of the course is the same as group courses and can be paid in instalments. The qualification is exactly the same – fully accredited Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy, leading to GHR and CNHC registration upon completion.