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HypnoMenopause® Approach

*Live Workshop 19th May 2024*

To train as a fully qualified HypnoMenopause® Practitioner with our online, self-paced course, click here.

Menopause is something that every woman will experience at some point in her life. From perimenopause, which is the lead up to menopause, to post-menopause, this transitional period can last for many years. For some women, this transitional phase is characterised by vasomotor symptoms, fatigue, sleep problems and a range of other symptoms which make it hard to function. It's also a time when women may be struggling with life pressures and a shifting sense of their own identity. HypnoMenopause® combines hypnosis, mindfulness and CBT to help women manage their experience in a completely natural way. In clinical trials, hypnotherapy has been shown to alleviate hot flushes by up to an incredible 74%, in addition to helping mood, sleep and sexual function.

HypnoMenopause® was featured in Psychologies Magazine and journalist, Clem Felix had this to say of her experience, "I feel extremely lucky that I’m so close to the life I want, and for the help Dr Jack has given me to enjoy it again...I feel energetic and am looking forward to the future with real excitement for the first time in years. For now, at least, I feel a long way from needing HRT". You can read about her experiences here.

To find a qualified HypnoMenopause® Practitioner, please click here.

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Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind, during which we are more creative and ready to accept positive suggestion.



Using your powerful mind can help you connect with your body and manage menopausal symptoms in a unique way.

Mind-body connection


Designed for counsellors, psychologists, hypnotherapists and anyone who works with women in a therapeutic capacity.

Practitioner Training

HypnoMenopause® Practitioner Training

Online. Self-paced. Includes marked assignments, case studies & 1-2-1 tutorial. Accredited Certification on completion.

Menopause is something which is more out-in-the-open than ever before. With companies increasingly recognising a duty of care to menopausal women, and high profile women talking about their experience, women are more aware of their needs and right to high quality support. As a HypnoMenopause® Practitioner, you can help women not only deal with their symptoms, but give them the tools to embrace this as a time of potential. HypnoMenopause® Practitioner Training is open to therapists including hypnotherapists, massage therapists, psychologists, counsellors, life coaches, NLP practitioners and Reiki practitioners. You are very welcome to do the course if you are not a therapist. However, if you plan to work with clients in a professional capacity, and use the HypnoMenopause® title, you are required to have previous therapeutic training.  
HypnoMenopause® is an integrated hypnotherapeutic approach which draws on life coaching, CBT, mindfulness and NLP. You are provided with a structured approach, and extensive materials, for working with clients. If you're new to hypnotherapy, you can access our Certificate in Hypnotherapy course free of charge to support your learning. Please note, if you wish to train as, and call yourself, a hypnotherapist, you are advised to undertake a CNHC Accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Please click below for a detailed overview of the course curriculum.

The course fee is £299

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I completed this course recently and wanted to share my experience with others who may be wondering whether to sign up for this CPD course.

I thoroughly recommended this course – even the assignments! It has a clear format and support is available if you require it.

Claire Johnson

Elaine Currie pic.png

Really enjoyed the Course! It was very easy to understand with lots of scripts  included. It was very informative and I feel confident in applying the techniques with future clients ...would definitely recommend ..another great course by Claire Jack

Elaine Currie

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The HypnoMenopause® training is fantastic value; concise but thorough, with everything you need to get started with clients. There’s everything I need to take a client step by step through the programme, even down to a plan for each session and scripts I can use. Claire is always quick to respond if I have any questions. Highly recommended!

Helen Bradley

Included in your course...

Money back guarantee

We're sure you'll love your course, but if it's not right for you, for any reason, you are welcome to a full refund. To qualify for your refund you must have accessed less than 10% of the course materials and request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

1-2-1 support and mentoring

Your HypnoMenopause® Practitioner Training includes a 1-2-1 zoom tutorial with Dr. Claire Jack and three months post-course individual mentoring. 

Video demonstrations

Learn the techniques by watching Claire demonstrate them with clients.

Client resources

Whether you are an experienced hypnotherapist, or work with women in a different way, you'll find all the client resources, including forms, handouts, scripts and recordings, to work effectively with your clients.

Case studies

You are asked to complete two case studies which involve working with volunteer clients. You are supported throughout this process and your case studies will be marked by Dr. Claire Jack.

Self-paced learning

You can complete this course at your own pace and are asked to submit your assignments within six months.

Free certificate in hypnotherapy

If hypnotherapy isn't your primary modality, you can access our Certificate in Hypnotherapy course free of charge. This course is designed to offer you an overview of hypnotherapy theory and techniques but it is not designed to qualify you as a hypnotherapist. If you wish to train as a fully qualified hypnotherapist, you are advised to complete a CNHC Accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Online portal access

You will have access to an online learning portal for twelve months from purchase of your course. Written materials can be downloaded so that you have permanent access to them.

Business support

You will receive advice and support in marketing your services and images, text and logos to launch your HypnoMenopause® service.

CPD hours

A combination of reading the course material, watching video demonstrations and PowerPoints, additional reading, working with case studies and attending your 1-2-1 tutorial adds up to 75 CPD hours. Some students will complete the course in less time, and some may take longer.

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