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Continuing Professional Development

CPD Courses for Therapists

Continuing your professional development is something that all therapists do in order to maintain and increase their skill based, to specialise in particular areas and to meet their requirements of whatever professional body (such as the CNHC, GHR or NCH) they are a member of. Choosing your CPD carefully is a great way of taking your career in a rewarding direction and ensuring you're out there meeting clients' needs. Our CPD courses have been developed to help you stand out from the crowd and develop skills in some areas which are increasingly in demand. Our trademarked courses, including KidsMatters®, Hypnomenopause®, and HypnoIBS® are exclusively available here and studying in this areas not only gives you the opportunity to specialise in working with children, menopause and IBS but also allows you to use these terms, logos and mark of quality on your websites and promotional material. KidsMatters® counts as 15 hours CPD and all other courses count as 8 hours CPD. All courses can be completed online, at a pace to suit you and you will receive a Certificate on completion of your course. KidsMatters® includes a tutorial and assignment marking. Hypnomenopause® includes assignment marking.


CPD Courses

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KidsMatters® Children's Hypnotherapy Training

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Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Anxiety


Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain


Certificate in Inner Child Hypnosis


Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Professional Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner

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Certificate in CBT-Hypnotherapy


Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy


Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Depression


Certificate in NLP-Hypnotherapy


Certificate in Mindfulness-Hypnotherapy