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Train the Trainer Affiliate Schools Programme

Are you ready to share your knowledge and passion for hypnotherapy?

Can you answer "yes" to the following:

I have two years experience as a hypnotherapist (or will be approaching the two year mark by the end of the train-the-trainer course or at a time when you are ready to launch your school).

I have a good grasp of English and can communicate with others in written, verbal, visual and practical ways.

I have a passion for sharing knowledge and am committed to establishing an ethical, professional and supportive learning environment. 

If you answered "yes", undertaking our train-the-trainer course could be what you're looking for to take your career to the next stage.

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New Beginnings Training Academy

Newark-on-Trent - Worksop - Virtual

Mark Ward is an experienced hypnotherapist, specialising in anxiety and trauma. He has a background in teaching and has established his training school with a view to sharing his expertise and passion with students. For more details click here

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Hypnotherapy Academy


Michelle, Pippa and Rachael have combined forces and experience in hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT to develop their unique GHSC Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. For details of 2024 courses, click here

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Inspired Minds Hypnotherapy Academy


Leah Walsh is a successful hypnotherapist with a unique specialism, working with people with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). Leah has experience of training people in her unique skill set. For details of upcoming courses, click here

Train the Trainer Affiliate Schools Programme

Bespoke training or group training

You will have a choice of attending a 1-2-1 bespoke training course, which can be arranged at a time to suit you. Alternatively, you can attend your train-the-trainer course as part of a small group.

3 Day train-the-trainer Course

Over the course of three days, you'll learn everything you need to confidently and safely work with students. We will cover: core curriculum requirements and course material; course delivery; accreditation; marketing; student support and disputes; sales calls; creating a prospectus and online portal; assignment marking.

Guidance and support through accreditation process

Accreditation can be a lengthy and complicated process. Claire Jack will guide you through that process and assist you in completing application forms for accreditation with the GHR or NCH and bring her experience of receiving, and regularly updating, accreditation.

Course manual, scripts and resources

You will receive a full course manual with extensive notes, scripts and client resources which you will be able to use with students, free from copyright restrictions.

Study plans & tutor notes

A full guide to student practice, teaching prompts and discussion points is provided so that you can confidently steer the direction of learning and meet core curriculum requirements.


During your first year of establishing yourself as a training school, you will receive mentoring from Claire Jack, involving informal and formal meetings and support.

Assignment provision and marking

You will be guided through the core curriculum requirements for assignments which meet National Occupational Standards (NOS). GHSC accreditation requires an external examiner and during your first year, you will be supported in the exam process and receive external marking from Claire Jack during your first student cohort.

Health & safety procedure and complaints procedures

You will be provided with a health and safety document and taken through health and safety and complaints procedures. During the first year, if you have any complaints to deal with, Claire Jack will act as an external adjudicator.

Programme handbook

Accrediting bodies require an in-depth programme handbook, which is also an essential element of your student resources. Claire Jack will assist in the preparation of your Programme Handbook.

1-2-1 Business strategy & marketing meeting

Running a training school will involve taking your business to a new level. You need to have a clear idea of the type of school you want to run and how to attract students. Your 1-2-1 meeting with Claire Jack will help you identify a clear strategy for your business and how to market it effectively.

1-2-1 Website content meeting

Claire Jack will meet with you to help you get your message across and make sure you're attracting students to your course with high-quality, creative and engaging website content.

Affiliate School CPD earnings

Once qualified, all practitioners are required to meet their CPD requirements. AIM offers exclusive, trademarked CPD courses including HypnoMenopause®, KidsMatters®, Somasense®, HypnoIBS® in addition to a range of CPD courses which cover topics including virtual gastric bands, inner child hypnotherapy and grief. As an affiliated school, for each one of your students who signs up to an AIM CPD course (or for any visitors who access those courses through your website), you will earn 10%. In addition, if you're interested in creating CPD courses which reflect your areas of interest, as an affiliated school these will be advertised through AIM for a 10% administration fee.

Q & A

Q: Is this a franchise?

A: No. You are in charge of your own business, including choosing your school's name and establishing your own business strategy. You are not legally linked to Academy of the Inner Mind in any way and can shape your vision according to your interests and strengths. In order to avoid confusion, you will be asked to choose an alternative name to Academy of the Inner Mind. However, you will be able to market your school as affiliated to AIM and with course materials developed by Dr. Claire Jack, if you wish. 

Q: Am I guaranteed to get accreditation?

A: The materials and teaching strategy meets the National Occupational Standards for hypnotherapy and meets accreditation requirements for the GHR, NCH and (in the case of in-person courses) CNHC. It is your responsibility to ensure you are a member of the correct professional body and have been practicing for two years (GHR) or three years (NCH). Your full needs will be discussed when you contact Claire for details. 

Q: What happens to mentoring, support and assignment marking after the first year?

A: After the first year, if you wish to maintain the benefits of affiliation, including support in the case of disputes, external assignment marking and listing on AIM website with associated advertising, you are required to pay a small fee of 5% per student. If you would prefer, at this stage, to operate independently of AIM, you are welcome to do so and can continue to use all course materials free of copyright requirements. 

Q: Can I change the course materials as much as I want to?

A: You will have your own interests and passions when it comes to hypnotherapy and, as long as you meet core curriculum requirements, you can adapt the materials to reflect your particular areas of interest. 

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