SomasenseTM                       10.00 – 14.30                          18th July 2020

Zoom Workshop

When we experience trauma, our bodies hold onto this information. If we have failed to physically work through that trauma, we may experience chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Our minds and bodies may be in a constant state of conflict as we continue to think of them as two separate entities. By encouraging clients to connect deeply at a somatic level, they can learn from their bodies, connecting with and interpreting the information it holds. We can also encourage clients to connect with and release stored physical trauma in safe environment. Once you have completed this course, you will have the skills to safely direct your client through mind-body work and will be able to call yourself a SomasenseTM practitioner. You will have the skills, resources and scripts to work confidently in this area which will enhance your existing practice. You will receive a SomasenseTM Certificate.

Usual price £75 – Early bird price if booked more 4 weeks in advance £45


Hypnotherapy for PTSD                     10.00 – 14.30                          22nd August 2020

Zoom Workshop

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition which is triggered by being involved in, or witnessing, a traumatic event, or events. PTSD symptoms are triggered to the extent that sufferers feel as if they are reliving the original traumatic event. Although we more commonly associate PTSD with war veterans, it can affect anyone who has experienced distressing or abusive experiences. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in helping alleviate the symptoms of PTSD. This workshop helps you establish the suitability of hypnotherapy for client treatment and how to treat clients safely whilst avoiding the risk of re-traumatisation. There is a growing awareness of PTSD within the more general population and an increasing demand for hypnotherapy as a treatment option. You will have the skills, resources and scripts to work confidently in this area which will enhance your existing practice. You will receive a Hypnotherapy for PTSD Certificate.

Usual price £75 – Early bird price if booked more than 4 weeks in advance £45


KidsMattersTM – Certified Children’s Hypnotherapy Training

10.00 – 15.30                         6th September 2020

Zoom workshop

Train to be a fully accredited KidsMattersTM Practitioner. This trademarked course allows you to call yourself a KidsMattersTM Certified Practitioner and will give you the skills to work confidently with children, from pre-school age to teenagers. KidsMattersTM has been designed to provide you with absolutely everything, including an extensive range of scripts and resources to work with children. This technique has formed the basis for providing training to paediatric consultants at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow and several previous students have adapted the techniques for use in the classroom. Using the KidsMattersTM logo and name on your advertising assures parents that you have undertaken a quality course, designed by Claire Jack, Ph.D. who regularly writes for Psychology Today as one of their experts on children’s matters, including other psychological issues.

Usual price £299 – Workshop early bird discount £49