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How Can I Set up my Own Hypnotherapy Training School? Hypnotherapy Train the Trainer Course

I love hypnotherapy. And I love sharing my knowledge. After working as a hypnotherapist for a couple of years the obvious choice was to establish my own hypnotherapy training school. In addition to being passionate about hypnotherapy, creating a financially secure life was a major motivator. Much as I love client work, teaching hypnotherapy provided the opportunity for an excellent, regular, secure income with set hours, all of which was very attractive as a mum with young kids!

Train the trainer hypnotherapy
Mark Ward of New Beginnings Hypnotherapy Training who completed our Train the Trainer course

I’ve got a background in course development, having taught at university level for over thirty years, but nothing prepared me for how difficult it would be to get my first diploma level course together. I was literally teaching at the weekend and writing course material during the week, staying up until midnight on a Friday night to have the materials ready for Saturday. My first, very small, course was a success though and since then the business has gone from strength to strength.

I’ve learned so much over the years from how to market my course, produce excellent course materials, provide a professional online portal, deal with potential student disputes and learn how to effectively run a business which has provided me with a great income.

My Train the Trainer Hypnotherapy Course gives me an opportunity to share everything I’ve learned with you. Rather than taking years to build up your business, you could expect to be earning £30000 in your first year, with a modest intake of ten students. Most trainers charge £3000 per student in group settings and up to £9000 for individual students in a bespoke training setting. You’ll receive all the course materials you need to work with students, including PowerPoints, course manuals, details on how to establish an online portal, forms and client resources. You’ll also be guided through the process of applying for official school status with the GHR, NCH and other bodies.

Questions you need to ask yourself before signing up to the Train the Trainer course.

Am I committed to providing the best quality hypnotherapy training I can?

Do I want to have an accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course up and running within the next year?

Do I have (or am I approaching) two years ‘experience as a hypnotherapist who is registered with the GHR, NCH or similar professional body?

Would I like to receive support and mentoring through my application process and during my first year as a hypnotherapy trainer?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, and you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it just might be that now is the right time to explore becoming a trainer yourself. For details of our next Hypnotherapy Train the Trainer course, please click here.

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